i think i might be part of the problem

it’s happened twice in one week, so i think i can say it with confidence…

…i am part of what is sadly killing the music industry.

case in point – this is one of my favorite live albums EVER:

it was available on CD & cassette (i had both) as well as a VHS tape (i never owned that, but watched it several time at a friend’s place) but it was never available on LP domestically. well now it is – i saw an ad touting that not only was it out on vinyl AND renamed (same show, though) but now the six tracks of the original were beefed up to FOURTEEN on a double vinyl release!


i went on amazon, found it (for sale by the people i saw the sponsored post from, turntable lab, but fulfilled by amazon) and dropped it on my watch list. and haven’t bought it.

but i DID add it to my apple music and have already listened to it several times. it will probably be in there a WHILE. i mean, fuck – i can listen to it anywhere in the house EXCEPT my studio where the turntables are. why? because that’s the one room still left full of shit that was shuffled in, around, and whatever when the ufc moved in back in 2014. and there it all stays. that IS a project for spring of 2018…but for now, the digital seemed the way to go.

and within the same week a live new order album was announced. didn’t even bother with amazon, just hit apple music. already listened to it at home, worked out to it, and had it on at the shop. but i didn’t pay for it, per say, because i just pay a flat monthly fee for the service. so, i think i might be part of the problem.

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