i feel all adult and shit

so after two trips down, and three hundred miles just yesterday, i bought a car…

…going into debt never felt so good!

this is the first car i ever financed myself. my caprice (1985-1991) was all mom’s before i got my license. my cavalier (1991-2001) as well, and she even had to have a co-signer. my malibu (2001-2006) was co-signed by my uncle, and the camaro (2006-2015ish) was done straight up with my dad’s info thanks to me ticking the wrong box on the capital one site.

and of course mr. grey (2011-present) was paid for in cash. and is still in his room. and will be driven to the shop tomorrow.

but the newbie (not named yet) was financed straight by me, and looks like this but different wheels:

(we’re ridiculously overcast or i’d have taken a normal picture)

so let’s see where this adventure takes me!

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