the mumbly generation

miscommunication can be funny…

…so today i had to get the boy from school ’cause my mother-in-law had knee surgery so the ufc was dealing with that.

as we left the school he asked if i owned anything “robe-ish”. i asked, “like a bathrobe?” and he said, “yeah – because tomorrow we can dress up and BUT we can’t do masks or face paint or anything that hides who we are, so i wanna be a raper!”.

i froze not sure how to respond and simply got out, “come again?”.

the boy continued, “well, you know how school is basically hell for children?”


“and the office is basically the center of hell…”


“and i work in the office seventh period, so i basically work for the devil…”


“and who brings the souls of the little children to the devil? the grip REAPER!”

“holy FUCKIN’ hell, now i feel better about this!“, i yelled.

“why? what’d i say the first time?”, he inquired. and when i told him, he flipped.

“oh HELL no! totally not me! you know better than that!”

and that’s how you know you’ve raised a good one…

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