slow season’s official beginning

most people don’t realize the tattoo business is seasonal…

…but it is.

i’ve always said, “it usually kicks in around halloween and lasts till just before xmas…” and between yesterday and today, sadly, i appear to be right. and of course i didn’t think of this when i made the extra mortgage payment this month to basically catch us up, so now i’m stretched ultra-thin.


at least i should be on my way to an improved credit score and therefor vehicle finance options with rates lower than borrowing money from the mafia. in theory.

but in theory, communism works – ask castro how that worked out for him.

yesterday we did less than half of a usual friday, and today went just like i expected it to when i was plotting and scheming my saturday in the shower this morning – the day was slammed, but the night went dead as folks headed out to costume parties and shit.

at least i know NOW so i can set aside money to float me along (hopefully).

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