unloading, texas style

i have to correct something JAB said in my driveway yesterday…

there’s nothing more TEXAS than an illicit gun deal done in the parking lot of a bar-b-que restaurant

the correction being it was far from illicit. two guys, clean records, who actually have gun permits. i’m the original owner of the gun, bought factory new, so there’s no mystery there. that being said we DID do it in the parking lot of a bbq restaurant, so i guess that IS pretty texas. now i get to play the waiting game – for some reason the one i want to replace the one i sold my buddy yesterday keep fluctuating wildly in price. it was $499 when i found it, then jumped (literally overnight) to $590, then a week later was down to $504, and is now sitting at $561. so i’ll put the dough in the bank, wait it out, and jump it.

fortunately i AM a texas kid, so it’s not like yesterday left me pistoless…

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