stale beer flashback

ignoring the relationship bullshit at the beginning this is a pretty good bit…

i would be tempted to do a follow up if it wasn’t ten year plus old bit:

05/25/2007: “honestly, what’s the fucking difference?”
i don’t know what’s more sad here…

1. the fact that this happened at all
2. the fact that tax dollars were spent to make it happen
3. the fact that the wire services felt it needed to go national

can you say slow news day?

(and obviously a slow whore day – but shit, with the whole “freshly dumped and single” thing, you REALLY don’t want me to just write what’s on my mind – kinda depressing since now i get to spend a three day weekend all by myself…but never mind all that shit now)

to me, i would never have known the difference. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…

to me all beer pretty much just tastes like beer

corona – bud – tecate – miller – mickey’s – shiner

all beer. just beer.

i have tried. i get slammed for this a LOT. i tried doing a beer here or there. i had to struggle to make it through one. it is quite simply an acquired taste i have never acquired. and i’m okay with that…

…but most of my friends aren’t. so lately, i’ve been trying. it is typically a shitload cheaper than the liquor i normally drink – but i just don’t do well with it. get no buzz, get full before one can kick in, and then get sleepy. plus what it does to your waistline?

no thanks.

but to some it is a big deal – and that apparently goes double in the state of wisconsin.

in this day and age we are taught not to waste things. to recycle, and whenever possible use products rather than waste them. that was ray wendt’s plan. he owned an american legion bar that played host to a wedding reception (damn, they know how to party). he typically serves miller lite, but the wedding party requested coors light. when he got it he discovered that the tap handle he got (you know, the big fuck all beer logo jobs that your bartender grabs to fill a mug or pitcher) didn’t fit his dispenser (the metal part the big fuck all handle goes on) so he just kept the miller lite handle in place.

he knew, and it’s his bar. no big deal, right?

the next day when he opened he still had the coors light hooked up, and the keg wasn’t floated (like i said, those people knew how to party) so he just served what was left to his regulars, and claimed he TOLD them it was coors, not miller.

no harm, no foul, right?

there was only one problem – telling SOMEONE something is one thing…but telling SOMEONE WHO DRINKS AT AN AMERICAN LEGION BAR AT EIGHT IN THE FUCKING MORNING something doesn’t have the same effect. he then took a few days off since he had worked on his normal day off covering the wedding reception.

when he got back the shit hit the fan – a COP AND TWO INSPECTORS FROM THE STATE came out and discovered the coors keg with the miller tap. reprimands were given. fines were charged.

poor ray was confused – as am i.

apparently the main rub is geography – ray’s bar is in port washington, wisconsin – with milwaukee, home of miller beer, nearby. coors comes from colorado.

talk about home state pride.

i have yet to see my beer drinking friends protest a bud (mo) keg, even if it has a shiner (tx) tap. who the fuck cares?

me? i would never know either way…

and he pointed out he told them AND that both beers cost the same (’cause i can see the crime in serving beam and calling it crown, for example). but he still got fined and scolded and shit – which i think is bullshit. it’s just beer, and swill beer at that – anyone want to get a petition of support started?

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