cookies ain’t good for your relationship health

there’s just no surprises in this world any more…

…and you know what i mean without knowing you do.

i needed something for the UFC’s car. i looked at the parts on amazon (where they ended up getting bought) and a few other sites. but before i bought ’em i checked my email, and lo and behold there was an ad…for autozone…showing the parts i looked at (conveniently) in the ad.

i then went on facebook to do some work shit (i admin our six pages) and halfway down was was a “sponsored ad” in my feed…from amazon…for the stuff i’d just looked at. back to email, and a third ad, this one from crutchfield, for a radio i’d looked at for the ufc’s car…

…now shit got real, that was supposed to be a gift.

i leave my computer home half the time these days. i do most of our social media shit through our phone, and i update this site predominantly when i’m NOT at work. and we’ve all gotten that email from amazon or ebay or whatever asking if we’re still interested in an item (that’s ebay’s way) or just of things “they think we’d be interested in” and it’s all shit you just looked at a day before (that’s the amazon wording) but if you are just spit balling for, say, xmas gifts and that shit goes like that then what? if you share a computer (we don’t, but if she just needed to look at something real quick i wouldn’t blink twice if she hopped on mine) and they see your inbox with “are you still interested in [fill in name of gift idea here] she’s either gonna think i’m shopping for another chick (she knows better) or any plans of surprising her at xmas are fucked.

it’s enough to make me start running “no script” again if it wasn’t such a pain in the dick…

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