mark it an eight, almost five times over, dude

i realized something last night at the shop…

…next week makes exactly* thirty-nine years.

i put the “*” because this is to the best of my recollection, but i was little. i remember when i started second grade, my first grade in the lockhart school system, it was september of 1978. and i remember for the first couple weeks we commuted from north austin to lockhart for school, which meant leaving the house around 6:45 or so.

but the last weekend* of september, 1978, we moved into our new house…which thanks to mom’s cancer and poor post-collegiate job choices in the late nineties, is where i still live.

and there’s that “*” again. why? because i’m 90% sure, but not 100%. for that i’d wanna ask the family that helped us move. the problem is that would be my uncle jeff (died 1984), my mom (died 1996), and my uncle tim (alzheimer’s for the last five years coupled with mild dementia). so i’m figuring this all off the calendar app on my phone.

it all makes sense, this kind of thing tends to happen at the end of a month, but hell it could have been yesterday was the anniversary for all i know. i’m counting the end of the month (sep 30) so it’s not riding up on the ufc’s b-day!

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