jesus doesn’t love you very much

well, if you can read this…

…i doubt they have daphuk in the afterlife.

(one can only hope!)

but, as per usual, the rapture didn’t happen when predicted and we’re all still here. i can say “all” because JUST in case we, or nobody we know, are good enough folk to end up in a deluxe apartment in the sky-hi-hi it seems like SOMEBODY woulda vanished (pope francis comes to mind) and it woulda made the fuckin’ news.

so i did a little more research, and found out the guy who made the claim is now taking an, “oops, my bad!” stance and saying that day just STARTED the end of days (which i guess we’re now in?) and then as of october fifteenth the rapture will REALLY start, go on for seven years, and then we enter a millennium of peace.

so we’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice…and we still have a couple of weeks to get our affairs in order.

i guess we’ll see where october 15th takes us, and until then…

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