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08/08/2003: “my dm fetish”
okay, this one will be short ’cause i went to bet at 4:00 am today and got up at 7:30. ouch. have plans for the evening but i don’t know if i’ll be awake for them, so we’ll just have to see. never mind that now…

one of my few leftover guilty pleasures from adolescence is really digging almost all things depeche mode. this spring both of the “main” members released solo stuff. martin gore (chief songwriter, instrumentalist, and occasional vocalist) released counterfeit 2, his second disc of cover songs. the first one came out in 1989, and since he waited till 2003 to release part 2, i figured it would be SO worth the wait.

i lost. it kinda sucked.

so when dave gahan (lead vocalist, never instrumentalist, never a song writer to the best of my recollection) was gonna release a solo disc, i didn’t think much of it. but it’s actually good. quite good. and then i found out his tour was gonna swing him through texas, so plans had to be made, and traditions had to be kept.

see, my “sister” kathi and i have seen dm on every tour they’ve done since 1993. saw them at the erwin center on the ’93 tour, the now demolished hemisfair arena in s.a. for the ’94 tour, at the alamodome for the ’98 tour (where we actually had our hands ON the stage for the entire set), and then at the vwa in selma for the 2k1 tour. so this just had to happen.

the majestic in s.a. was the original plan, but forces conspired against that happening, so we ended up heading up to dallas (where i had seen dm on the ’90 violation tour) to see dave go solo. that makes an even ten years. don’t fuck with tradition.

we had a long drive, numerous delays, and still walked in during the first song. excellent show, and an excellent crowd. much like i prefer to see the bigger rock acts (koRn, ozzy, et al) in san antonio ’cause the crowd is more into it, i prefer to see dm shows in dallas whenever possible because of the crowd participation. now, i’ve heard houston crowds are even better, so when they swing back through next i may have to head that way. but as a result of all this, i’ve been at the office since 9:45 and i don’t think i’m awake yet. so, i’m gonna limp through my day, and i’ll write y’all some new stuff this weekend. till then, chat amongst yourselves…you seem to be pretty good at that these days.

a topic: have two piercings down south…contemplating two more. and some surface to surface ab stuff. am i insane? (the latter question pertaining to the aforementioned piercing question and not meant to draw out general psycho-analysis).

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Once you’ve passed from interesting, to a conversation piece, to a rare toy, the only place left is paperweight.

Harold said @ 08/09/2003 10:54 AM CST

the story of the first two almost made ME pass out! Women will stop thinking of your ‘you know what’ as interesting/a conversation piece/a rare toy and become scared of it!

the redhead said @ 08/09/2003 09:07 AM CST

I’m with shane on that one, anyone sticks a nail in his “you-know-what” ain’t right in the head. oh wait, this is sean we’re discussing. never mind.

astrofishy said @ 08/08/2003 09:23 PM CST

ouch!!!! do what you want bro, but as far as i’m concerned, anyone who impales thier dick with needles and jewlery ain’t right in the head.

shane said @ 08/08/2003 12:08 PM CST

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