so, tonight i went to my TENTH depeche mode show…

…and i didn’t cheat and catch them on one tour in dallas, san antonio, and then houston (i have friends that have done that). nopers – i always too broke for such shenanigans. i caught em ten different times, on ten different tours.

“never let me down again” off music for the masses is the one track that’s been played at every show i’ve attended.

“personal jesus” and “enjoy the silence” were mega-hits that have gotten played at every show since the world violation tour in 1990 since that was the tour supporting the album that spawned em, but as my first show pre-dates that coming out.

other fun DM/me facts:

they were not technically my first concert, because that would be sam kinison almost a year earlier

i’ve actually, for various reasons, gone solo to see them the last three times. i’ve actually only taken a proper date once.

this was my tenth show, but second to feel inclined to ask permission. the first was in 1988 since i shared a car with mom, and the second was this one since the UFC’s birfmas is in ten minutes!

this was my first time to see em in austin since their erwin center show in 1993 (they made a triumphant return twenty years later headlining the friday night lineup for ACL two weekends in a row, but i work weekends, so i caught that tour down in houston).

i’ve seen them in san antonio the most, at four times, in four different venues – the civic auditorium in 1994, the alamodome in 1998, verizon wireless amphitheater in 2001, and the sbc center in 2006.

in fact, the only venues i’ve seen em twice at is the frank erwin center (1988 & 1993) and the woodlands pavilion (2009 & 2013).

and there’s an unplanned sixer and it ain’t even sunday!

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