rinse and repeat? (i stole the title, but that ain’t the real crime here)

“your motorcycle is just sitting there, why not rent it out?” an ad i saw recently stated…

…and accurately so.

the old adage “the only thing that changes about boys is the price of their toys” in pretty true. hell, in high school i had five swatches. now i have multiple watches, they just cost a bit more. record collections grow, but the players get more pricey. bikes and skateboards give way to cars. it happens. and i guess if they’re just sitting there, might as well let somebody else borrow them and turn a profit in the process, right?

well, that’s the theme behind a new app by a company called “touch”. the mission statement?

with one touch of a key you are no longer single

yeah, you are, actually. you’re just a LOT more pathetic.

so, the realistic sex dolls can be pretty pricey from what i’ve read. i’ve never had any interest. shit, i was given a flesh light once and re-gifted it still sealed (it was then again re-gifted still sealed, but then it found a welcoming home from what i was told), and that can be stashed in a drawer – these are the size of fucking PEOPLE! they’re a couple grand from what i’ve heard, but now there’s a new option…

…a gross as fuck new option. you can rent ’em!

yep, the little silicone whores that once had to be wifeyed up (i.e. you had to take em home for keeps) can now be TRUE whores – for a night or a weekend and then return em like a redbox rental. pinkbox?

(there was supposed to be a modified redbox graphic here but it proved to cumbersome to work out while i typed this at work)

read up on the sloppy seconds program if ya wanna…

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