potluck flashback friday (NOT about scoring weed!)

no rhyme, no reason…

…i just picked a random bit and re-posted. enjoy!

01/14/2007: “y did u send this?”

we get two entries today due to buzzed out text messages…

…how fun is that?

yesterday was cold and nasty yet for some reason we decided to head out in it. all i truly remember is i spent way more money than i wanted to and i had fun doing it (and finally picked up some ultra-comfy nike free trainers on sale for $30 – they’re called “free” ’cause you feel like you’re working out barefoot, not ’cause the shoes cost no money…). mid-way through the day i decided to get food, so alex, shane, and myself went to logan’s where i partook in a couple of their lethal roadhouse teas after downing not one, but TWO twenty-four ounce rockstar drinks (one diet, one zero carb) so my liver was nice and clean and ready for maximum impact of alcohol absorption…

…which is what made the first half of happily n’ever after really cool, and the last half really suck as the buzz had worn off. alex is also now grounded from picking the movie we go see for a while, but never mind that now.

somewhere in the middle of all this, i sent myself three text messages to remind myself of three potential whore entries…but i don’t think any of them are actually worthy of their own entry, so what follows are the three texts followed by what i think i meant by them:

Wendy’s Golf? – this kinda surprised me. while we were at logan’s, they had a golf tournament on all the tvs, and while i am not a huge fan of televised golf (almost as dull as televised poker…almost) i was more surprised by the sponsor. in this age where EVERY blessed sports event worth watching now seems to start with at corporate name (the tostito’s fiesta bowl, the pepsi 500, etc) i was surprised to see arnold palmer and gary player and the like playing in the Wendy’s Skins Match or whatever. wendy’s? for golf? at least most sponsorships make sense – you can picture the nascar crowd drinking pepsi…or college kids eating tortilla chips. but i can’t picture an avid golfer at the drive-thru window at eleven at night debating whether or not to BIGGIE size it…but perhaps that’s just ’cause i’m not an avid golfer.

imdb bitches – this one was kinda cryptic, but made sense to me. one of the down sides to starplex cinema in san marcos is the design – there’s a hard breeze way in front created by a large porch overhang and the fact that the wind can flow north to south rather easily. on days like yesterday that makes for an uncomfortably cold wait for getting your movie tickets, which was further multiplied by two of the guys waiting in line…they were up front quizzing the poor guy who was selling tickets…

“what time will eragon let out?”
“how long is children of men?”
“why is the good shepard rated “R”? is it violent?”
“what’s night at the museum about?”

and so on. the two people in front of us, shane, alex, and me all got our tickets and in the door and those two were at the second ticket window as we walked up and were STILL there as we walked in. had that been the only ticket window i would be typing this entry from the computer lab at the hays county lock up – i shit thee not. people like that i think you can kill and actually get away with it.

fuckin’ pause – i think i corrupted a young mind with this one. after we got in the theater i had to hit the head, and there were kids EVERYWHERE (as in under teenage kids – which given the fact that six of the twelve movies there were kinda aimed at them made sense) and they were running around like lunatics (as kids hopped up on movie theater sized refreshments will tend to do). as i was making my way through the crowd i had just about reached the door when i felt TWO hands on my hip and this kid attempted to kinda shove me out of the way and slingshot past me at the same time to get in the bathroom door before me.

“FUCKIN’ HELL”, i half yelled without thinking, and every sub-twelve body in a ten foot radius of me FROZE, which i guess hearing the word “fuck” really loud from and adult will do to kids that age. all of a sudden it was easier to get in the can. might as well enjoy the effect while they’re not de-sensitized to it, huh?

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