the facebook fuel fiasco finalé?

so, in theory this is PRETTY much behind us…

…but on my way to san marcos today, the gas station in maxwell, as well as the one in martindale, and three of four i passed in san marcos are still outta gas.

sucks to be them.

most of the ones in lockhart have gas, but prices have shot up a good chunk. like premium that WAS $2.50 a gallon is now three bucks a gallon. why? pipeline this and refinery that? nope – because they can. period. lest we forget, this is the industry that right before the economy went shithouse in 2008 was spiking gas prices and blaming “unrest in the middle east”. newsflash, dickweeds – there’s been unrest in the middle east since the 1960’s. try again.

now, is it pure coincidence that while they were claiming this they were posting the highest profits EVER in the history of businesses being incorporated in america and profits being tracked? oh, FUCK no, it’s not! that was exxon/mobil. they posted the HIGHEST profits posted EVER in the history of those records being kept. the previous record holder? oddly enough, exxon/mobil!

so no surprise they’re using a social media induced panic to, once again, bleed the american driver dry.

we’ll see how this goes – but thank god for labor day! the one thing texans enjoy more than a good panic is a good day off to grill, and that gave most of the fuel companies time to refuel their stations without getting rushed…although from what i saw on the way to san marcos, clearly we could use another grillin’ day!

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