sloppy sunday sixer

lately i’ve noticed i keep finding excuses NOT to do sunday sixer bits…

…and i’m wondering if anybody would care if i just stopped doing them on the reg?

there’s a reason they don’t happen:

1. i figure everybody’s tired of those random pics off my phone bits, which are the easiest ones to do since i DO actually screenshot random shit for just such the occasion.

2. even though life is good and fun, outside of work it’s not much to write home (or here) about, it’s just life.

3. speaking of work, since i took over the five facebook pages my company has, i just started doling out my tattoo shop advice there (where, in theory, the actual tattoo seeking public reads it)

4. even though i’ve left the trump site for dead i figure nobody wants to read about that yutz any more than they have to, and that’s the easiest layup shit for sixers.

5. i work fourteen to fifteen hours on a saturday, so by the time i’m done sunday i’m just DONE and feel creatively drained, which is ironic since i don’t really do much creative there save for the FB shit.

and finally…

6. i’ve been adulting so much lately that i’m more concerned with my score on my credit karma app than any game app on my phone…and that’s just odd.

so, we might suspend the sunday sixers for a bit. any complaints?

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