both our cars have names in this house…

…corny as that may be.

the ufc’s cherry red hhr is named “ruby”, after a cartoon character she likes:

mine is named “mr. gray” because he’s all stealthed out and shit. and tonight, for the first night in a long while, he’s spending the night away from home. in theory he’ll get his top fixed, regardless he’ll be back in his room (mere feet from where i’m typing this) tomorrow. either way, he’s missed. let’s hope this gets the top thing resolved once and for all and we have him back to drop-top status where he should be! i’m dipping into his “beamer buddy” fund to do this (i’m looking to get another car this fall) but hopefully it stays in my allotted budget and we get him back where he should be so we can get his trim properly stealthed out and then work on the hood!

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  • sean M Jun 29, 2017 @ 12:42

    word back from münich auto is the front gears are stripped, making this a $700 repair, making this a no go for now. so i’m sleep deprived AND disappointed beyond words…

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