havana moon inspired flashback friday

i just FINALLY framed my rolling stones lithograph from their first show ever in cuba…

…and there’s a great documentary about the show (two, actually) you should check out.

i wish they’d done one for the one time they played in austin, but at least i was there (and got a shirt or two):

old dudes?
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what is the combined age of all four rolling stones, anyway? a thousand?

(it’s actually 249 – 250 once keith’s b-day hits in december…)

well, for old dudes they can rock the house when they wanna. and if you missed it, you can catch it on the upcoming dvd release. yep, the stone’s first ever austin show was filmed for all the masses, set to be released just in time for the holidays.

one look at the stage and you knew where a big chunk of your $95 lawn ticket price went.

this motherfucker was HUGE. close to one hundred feet high, with a fifty foot video screen so you could count the wrinkles on mick’s face even from the shitty seats (where we were). the set had some new (yawn), lots of old (much better) and a waylon jennings cover to remind us “that when you’re down in austin, bob wills is still the king…” (amen).

my only concern was parking – i have only been to three zilker park concerts; the first mtv sports and music festival (did the park and ride from barton creek mall, and it kinda sucked), and the first two acl’s (both of which i had staff parking and was paid well enough for even that hassle to be worth it).

we did the pre-show munch at el arroyo which i hadn’t been to in ages and now realize how much i miss. how can you go wrong with a place that has a scheduled happy hour on saturdays, not including the regular weekend drink specials? while there we noticed an odd phenomenon – people walking by on the opposite side of fifth street with blankets and such, obviously going to the show. we grabbed our supplies and followed, only to pop out where the shuttles were dropping people off in the austin high parking lot.


while this made a minimal difference in the afternoon, when the forty-two thousand people were trickling in, when everyone left en masse at the end of the night we were able to walk around the hour and some change line for the shuttle and were at the car and on the road five minutes later.

sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, i make a good call or two.

so i can now scratch the rolling stones off the list of acts i really want to see live but haven’t gotten to – and in less than a month aerosmith and (fucking finally) mötley crüe might drop off it as well. nice to see it finally getting to a manageable size…

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