meme monday

sue me, i was proud of these two…

…this one went out on the other site last week:

it should be noted the only thing i changed here was the head and lettering – i didn’t intentionally give him a small dick, although if i had been making this from scratch i TOTALLY woulda gone that route)

and this one i feel needs some ‘splaining. so, i wanted to make new shop stickers, and since the fourth of july is coming up, i mimicked the logo from the g.i. joe toys i had when i was a kid:

but when i was looking around google for the logo, i stumbled across a still from the cartoon series (which i think i watched all of twice, but it came out when i was a bit older) and i don’t know the back story, but a solider grabbing a half naked girl from behind looked just wee bit inappropriate, so i decided to make it a LOT inappropriate and so we got:

which i made into a square because originally i was gonna put it on my instagram, but thought better of it. the other bits here went out on social media or will be made into stickers for public consumption. this is just for the folks sick enough to think i’m funny…

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