beggin’ for jesus

i see this every few weeks and always wonder…

…’cause i think i might want in on it.

there’s a few black ladies that are always at the first light i get stopped at on my way into austin every friday. they’re not homeless looking by any stretch. they’ve got water bottles and visors and are in clean shorts and t-shirts with fanny packs they stuff cash in. where does the cash come from? is it cardboard sign money? no. it’s for their “church”. i put the word in quotes because quite honestly i don’t know if it exists. but they ask you to give money towards it, and they give you a flyer to thank you or, i guess, as a makeshift receipt should you try and claim it as a tax deduction. i had my eye on a new ride in san antonio, and got approved for financing with a payment about fifty bucks LESS than i was shooting for…but the down payment they wanted was 250% of what what i had and they wouldn’t raise the payments to lower the down required. that kinda sucked. i mean, i wasn’t really looking to move on this till the end of the summer and was gonna have a lot closer to what they’re asking by then (although i highly doubt that smooth little ride will still be available by then).

so, in case i decide to stoop to their level i came up with my own flyer to hand out:

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