throwback fetus thursday

for all the people freaking out about planned parenthood and such shit…

…you probably forgot this has been a thing for forty years, and the religious right still can’t get it…well…right.

we all just got a little bit older
by sean ~ May 20th, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.

i meant to chat about this a while back…

…but my head hasn’t been right lately.

i was recently informed at the tattoo joint (sue me – we talk about EVERYTHING there) that the supreme court has recently ruled that second trimester abortions are on the way out, in simplistic terms.

and apparently the health of the mother is not an issue – they still aren’t going to be allowed. that’s bad.

basically (and i could be misreading this) they are stating that life begins, according to this new ruling, at the second trimester, not during the third and clearly not at birth, which is what i always thought was the case. if that is the true, new-school definition of when our lives begin, i guess technically my birthday was six months prior to when i was born, making it december 19th of last year.

that makes me a sagittarius. kramer will like that, although given my chattiness (and other aspects of my personality) he’ll probably disagree.

it also means none of you called me on my birthday – but i can forgive that, since we just found out recently that it was six months prior to when we thought it was. and i guess the same can be said for ALL of us. so, if you turn eighteen sometime within six months of this being written, according to the supreme court you are actually ALREADY a legal adult, ’cause clearly they see an abortion three months after your mom got knocked up as murder or some such shit, so we’re all a half year older than we think we are.

and all of you who are counting down to your twenty-first birthday?

well, if it’s within six months of today you’re given governmental go-ahead to go out and get loaded. this is gonna be one festive fucking memorial day weekend for you, huh?

(wait – that also means all the girls within six months of their eighteenth birthday are NOW legal – how fucking sweet is that?!?!?)

i guess everything we needed to know we DID learn in kindergarten…remember back then, you weren’t just five? you were five AND A HALF? well, the justices just added a half to ALL of us, so i guess we are all a bit older today. you didn’t LOSE a half a year, you just gained one – that’s all. get out and enjoy it, dang it!!!

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