to ‘Q or not to ‘Q

i am now on the fence about the juneteenth bbq this year…

…and while i doubt anybody, save for maybe shane, will weigh in on this let’s face it – this page is basically my therapy some times, so i’ll talk myself through this for your amusement.

here we go…

our original plans of doing NOLA or some all-inclusive were scrapped for a multitude of reasons, mainly financial. thanks to a mixture of gypsy and the vet tech fucking up her bills killed our budget AND the ufc’s vacation days. also, our usual dog sitter had to go out and be all responsible and find a job and shit (which is a good thing) so we weren’t sure what to do there.

so i’ve got a couple ideas – the first weekend in august, which would still see the boy away at his dad’s, is the exact half-way point between my not-so-glamorous forty-sixth and the ufc’s big four-oh. so we might do something then. another option i’ve started to consider (unbeknownst to the ufc) is the idea of just hiring a dog-sitter for the weekend before halloween and maybe doing a family trip to NOLA (os included) for voodoo fest? the line-up comes out soon…we’ll see if it’s “worthy”.

but that still leaves a few weeks from now…

for two flippin’ decades i’ve done the juneteenth bbq, and the last few have seemed more stressful than fun. trying to find a location – trying to figure out who SAYS they’ll be there on FB versus those who will actually materialize. i’ve spent money on all kinds of food that’s rotted in my fridge. shit, i think there’s still a bag of meat from the last one in the fridge ’cause i got tired of eating leftovers and didn’t wanna be wasteful…so when we thought we were going to be gone the whole weekend before and the actual day on holiday, i decided after a twenty-year run to take a year off. but now that we’re NOT going to be gone, do i push forward? if i do i’ll just do a small one, here at the house, and call it done.

i’ll let the freezer decide – if there’s still a year-old bag of meat in there that shows it’s gotten to be more hassle than it’s worth and there DEFINITELY won’t be one. if there’s no bag, then the jury can still be out for a bit…

(checks freezer…no bag)

no bag = no decision

guess we’ll still figure this shit out…

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  • Shane Jun 2, 2017 @ 0:06

    Sorry I can’t watch the pups but fuck you! Enjoy your god damn prime shipping! Dick.

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