a flashback with fajitas and chainsaws

so, i read the title of this bit and one thing echoed through my head:

“what could possibly go wrong?” – so how could i NOT re-run this? almost twelve years old…

it’s a texas thang – y’all wouldn’t understand
by sean ~ June 5th, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized.

okay, look…it was me, lance, and a chainsaw – something was bound to get fucked up…

…but know these three things:

1. yes, i’m still typing at normal speed (although my back will regret me lifting a three hundred pound log later, i assure you)

2. calum is STILL “male”, not “other” (we kept all puppies inside while said chainsaw was in use)

3. my house, and all rooms therein, are still indoors.

and the indoors is still climate controlled. and has power. and water. and cable.

(my neighbor, however, bats three for four on that list)

hey – it is SO not our fault that time warner, in their infinite wisdom, decided to string the cable for my neighbor off the pole in my yard, through the branches of a tree, across another neighbors yard, and down to their house, okay? i’m not the dumb ass that made that decision…

…and hopefully said route will be corrected tomorrow. when the NEW cable is run. because that was the soonest the tech could get out here.

hey – i called them myself. ’cause i’m a sweetheart of a guy.

and this IS the same neighbor who called the city on my dogs on more than one occasion and has also had me slapped with hate mail from the city when my yard got too high; and considering i cut the damn tree down (yes, a whole, rather large, tree) specifically because it was dying at the trunk and i was afraid it was gonna fall in it’s entirity and wipe out a good chunk of his nice fence (that was built on my property by a good two feet according to the last survey) i can sum it up in two simple words –

fuck it.

i’m big, bald, tattooed & pierced, and for those who don’t know my personality, kinda scary looking.

plus, when he discovered said limb had fallen, i was also wielding a rather large chainsaw.

oddly enough, he didn’t bitch much.

so, there we were.

plus, with only two weeks till the annual juneteenth bar-b-que we also took out a rather large branch that was making to where nothing taller than a miata could make it into my driveway safely – while that might be cool with one of you, the rest of the driving public (myself included) needs to be able to pull up and park and get drunk and eat fajitas two weeks from today, so best we cleared that rather large branch as well.

so, mark your outlooks (sad we’ve come to that, huh?) ignore the remodeling mess, and cruise to casa de m for fajitas – and bring me booze and other goodies since juneteenth is ALSO my birthday.

…and yes, it’s also a real fucking holiday – despite what insane californians might tell you. hell, they elected the governator – how much should we trust them, anyway?

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