or did we?

i thought i was all domestic and shit earlier…

…now i’m not so sure.

we upgraded to iphone 7’s across the board last week. so far i’m digging it. i went from a normal six to a seven plus and i get the reason people go with a bigger screen now. and not just for the reason you’re thinking…

but a big part of the timing of said upgrading was the $200 best buy gift cars, which i would happily sit on until we had the need for a big fuck-all tv, but the ufc wanted us to be practical and get a gas range…so we went that route.

i think.

the reason i add the “i think” to this is we got a $1,000.00 range on sale for $650, which after tax, delivery, installation, and a three year extended warranty (i kinda felt suckered on that one) we ended up dropping less than fifty out of pocket due to $800 in gift cards. i then chose the e-mailed receipt option, which is where i feel like i might have fucked up. it’s SUPPOSED to be delivered thursday…but i still haven’t seen the receipt…nine hours after we purchased it. they already took the extra dough out of the bank account, though.

i wonder if this happened for real…

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