rally the troops?

only two times you ever really hear the term “rally” anymore to describe a gathering…

…and that’s a political rally or a klan rally.

(and in some places that’s the same shit)

one reason i’d like to go to new orleans for my birfmas this year is the historical significance – not just the me & bret history, having hung out thirty years ago for my sixteenth birthday, but also the history of the town…it’s literally the mother of all juneteenth spots. the general that rode into texas and informed the rest of the slaves that they were free was dispatched out of a fort in new orleans.

how could i spend it anywhere else?

and now it’s confederate free(er) thanks to some monument removal, which of course is controversial and divided mainly along racial lines. black folks see it as glorifying slavery, white folks as preserving their heritage…of owning slaves. i mean, one of the four removed was in honor of an uprising AFTER juneteenth by white folks to try and over throw the biracial post-civil war government – just TRY and tell me that’s “heritage”. and white folks are crazy when it comes to this shit:

those are the workers…NOLA city workers…removing the monument. but having to wear FLAK helmets and body armor for safety against gun-toting, threat-phoning white folks.

some people’s children…used to be call “klan rallies”, now we just call ’em “trump rallies”.

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