grill-less weekend, part i of many

april showers didn’t bring may flowers, it brought this:

that’s the dirt of my backyard as viewed THROUGH my grill. you shouldn’t be able to do that – but on mine you can. that’s a bad thing. it means for the first time in quite some time i’m grill-less. fortunately this is just in time for the first summer in two decades i was planning on NOT doing the juneteenth que so we could go out of town. it also means i can go grill shopping!

i blame myself for this – when the bee thing kicked in i moved this to the other side of the yard just to stop the buzzing attacks and it was then exposed to the rain. couple that with me almost ALWAYS forgetting to cover the smoke stack, and the water would just run down the stack, pool below the grill surface, and eat it’s way through the steel.

i’ve already found the grill i want on amazon – and the grill cover to prevent this next time around.

the grill that died was called a “new branunfels smoker”, named after new braunfels, texas, but made by “oklahoma joe’s”, which is neither in new braunfels, texas, or oklahoma, but rather in savannah, georgia. all that being said, the grill had a tiny “MADE IN CHINA” sticker in it when i put it together.

welcome to ‘merica!

this is where i was GONNA share six grill stories since it’s sunday and shit, but it’s also the day before a massive move i have to do at work, so we’ll have to catch up on those another time…

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