back on bandwidth…briefly

so, tonight, this happened:

new smoked LED corner lights. one completely OFF while i drove to san marcos. i actually found the remains in the dark on the way home in the middle of bumfuck. kinda proud of myself on that one – but why did i go to san marcos?

i co-hosted a show on my college radio station, ktsw. it was a lot of fun – i was only supposed to be there the first hour but the two girls doing the show insisted i stay for the whole thing. they made me feel like a minor celebrity, which after the week i had was nice. the pic above is a staff shirt circa 1993 i wore for the show as well as the first record EVER played on their transmitter, which has been lovingly stored in my vinyl vault for the last twenty-plus years, and since this was the stations twenty-fifth anniversary AND it’s technically stolen property, i returned it thusly:

they were pretty stoked with that. the program director sat in for most of the show and has asked me back to voice some imaging for the station this summer – we’ll see if that comes about. i don’t wanna step on some college kid’s toes, and i know if i was still the production director i’d prefer to use my own voice, but i’m kind of an egotistical prick like that.

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