who you gonna call?

i had to call about a dvr issue the other day…

…and i admit, this is some white folk problems.

but we had a dvr go out, and it’s one i’ve had since 2010. it’s had a good run. it’s actually STILL up and running, but having some issues, so i’m trying to get it cleaned off and then replaced. so far that’s going pretty good – we started at only 38% free and now it’s up to over eighty. my real “white folk problem” is the fact they sent us the same dvr, just a refurbished one. it’s old technology. it’ll randomly reset our resolution and we have to re-do it on the front panel. it’s been overheating from time to time. and if you’re recording two things you have to watch one of the two – it can’t handle anything else.

again, this is some white folk problems.

so, i called to see if i could send back the dvr we JUST got as a replacement (since the other one is limping along okay) and get a better box, maybe something with wireless ability. she (the girl in the phillipines) recommended a “genie mini” but i got off the call with her for two reasons…

1. it had dragged on for almost thirty minutes, predominantly due to her needing to “ask my supervisor” for almost every question i fired at her.


2. i had reached a convenience store, needed to go in and grab some rockstars, and move on with my day.

but i need to get this resolved soon so i don’t get charged for having TWO dvrs in the living room…but it raised an odd question in my mind – if your phillipino, what country do you reach when you call tech support? do they get u.s. based reps just so THEY have an accent to struggle with? do they even need to call tech support or do they already know their shit from helping us? maybe you just “keep it in the family” and call your cousin who works at microsoft, but then when his phone’s acting a fool he calls you because you work at sprint?

my mind goes to odd places…

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