o, hell (an unplanned part 2)

i was on the way home yesterday talking to the ufc when it occurred to me…

…i hadn’t heard from oakley about that watch return.

it had been a week since they received it according to the tracking info i had – so what gives? today was the kind of day where i’m busy enough at work that i hear my email alert go off and i glance to make sure it’s not a customer emailing us and move on. i have four email addresses that hit my phone – “my shit” (personal), “shop shit” (business and some earlier online shopping stuff that i haven’t converted), “horse shit” (the dump address i use for most e-commerce) and “atomic shit” (all the emails that come off our website). as long as the last one is clear, if my day is hectic, the rest gets pushed to the end of the day.

when i got in i saw i had an email from oakley. “SWEET!”, i thought – don’t even have to deal with their hold music! then i looked at it…

it has nothing to do with my watch. it has to do with a return…that i didn’t set up. for gloves i admit i have yet to wear because they have a chemical wreak to them, and socks i’ve worn a bunch. but nothing about my $600 watch that i sent back for a warranty repair.

this was a “what the fuck?” moment. i called their customer care and got left on hold long enough to bail to eat dinner. i wonder what the hell is going on?

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  • sean M Apr 4, 2017 @ 13:35


    i called back this morning and, ironically, got the same amy that helped when i didn’t get my watch return email. she said to dismiss them email above as somebody probably fat-fingered an order number which means the poor customer who WANTS to return their shit will be waiting for an email that will never arrive. she found my watch warranty repair and it was already on a UPS truck that should be delivered today, provided somebody’s home to sign for it. i swear, some of us should have a “waive signature” privilege on packages if we’ve lived here long enough (38½ years for anybody curious)

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