not in the dictionary…or is it?

on monday i talked about how the press these days feel they have to mention the real definition of shit trump says before telling you what his people said it meant, so you can compare the facts with the “alternative facts”…

…and still three more years and some change of this shit.

when i was a kid if you used slang terms my family would jump on you pretty quick and tell you what you said wasn’t a word because it wasn’t in the dictionary. but recently some customers told me words WERE in the dictionary that had just been added recently – like “yaaaas” and “fleek” and such. but i found the los angeles times article and they’re added to “”.

does that count?

when i was a kid the web didn’t exists, of course. it was more of a thing when words were added by miriam webster or the oxford english. in fact, by definition (pun intended) if a word was added to the latter that MADE it an english word. but adding to a website? that takes ZERO effort. shit, i’m doing it right now!

so let me know when “bestie” and “fleek” make it the oxford english way…until then i’ll answer “noooo” versus “yaaaas” when people ask me if that shit’s a real word!

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