fajita free friday

i’ve made a decision that didn’t come easy to me…

…there won’t be a juneteenth bbq this year.

the last couple of years, quite honestly, the stress factor has outweighed the enjoyment factor. a big part of that was switching to facebook invites and having people confirm they’d be there, so i spent money on food, that then came home with me, was picked on from the fridge for a day or two, and eventually tossed. i’ve lost money on three of the last four…and a decent chunk on each one.

that sucks.

plus, my birthday is on a monday this year and the ufc and i could really use a vacation. we’re still not sure where we’re going because we don’t know how much more money all the doggie drama is gonna cost us, so we’re waiting till dust settles there before we figure out a plan. what i DO know is i don’t like traveling on my birthday, so in order to spend the “special day” somewhere special we’d have to travel on sunday, which would traditionally be the day of the BBQ if i didn’t do it on the actual day (monday).

so this year i think we’ll go on hitatus.

next year i’ll revisit and we’ll see. i had a twenty year run with it…after a year off i might just pull one at the crib with fewer folks. we’ll see how things go…but for 2017? not happening…

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