media pattern monday?

i normally keep the trump bits to the other site but in this case i’ll make an exception (even though i’ll probably run this there, too…)

i’ve noticed a pattern with trump i find interesting. first, trump says something stupid and/or outlandish (usually more “and” than “or”). then the media blows up. the spicer or kelly anne or whoever the fuck drew the short straw in their daily first thing in the morning “who’s gonna take a bullet for the boss with the press today” meeting goes on the air and explains what he meant when he got everybody upset. then the press reports it in this order – “trump said (fill in whatever insane drivel dripped from his spray-tanned jowls here), which the dictionary defines (fill in term here) as (fill in definition here) but (fill in bullet taker here) from the trump camps says what he meant was (fill in bullshit explanation here).”

and, repeat.

so, i guess to paraphrase an earlier campaign quote from the golden orangutan, he DOES know “all the words”, he just doesn’t know what the fuck they mean…and that might be a problem.

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