orange is the new homeless?

a while back i did a bit around a meme that was similar to this:

about the blond-haired white devil that claimed to be black and did so convincingly enough to take over the spokane, washington NAACP office as their president, thus changing the meaning of their acronym to this:

and needless to say the national publicity cost her that job…and apparently all jobs. she has now been without work for quite some time and is about to be thrown out on the street. just another example of the system trying to keep a sista down! and i feel i can say that, because she STILL claims to be black, and is throwing down the same card as those who claim to be born the wrong gender. she claims that race, like gender, is fluid, and that WE decide what we are, not biology.

um…okay. so a black man can just decide he’s a white woman? how the fuck would that work?

oh, right…forgot about that.

(before you hit the comment section – it’s been almost EIGHT years…it’s NOT “too soon”)

if this becomes the way shit is think about all the deregulated business bullshit. “tom, you need to hire more women and minorities – all your staff is white males! “not true”, tom replies, “they don’t identify that way at all!”.

see – how diverse!

so what’s next? is species fluid, too? can you be born a white male human but decide to identify thusly?

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