the return of nudity

i assume it was due to waning sales…

…but the latest issue of playboy has a cover story of “naked is normal” and yep, it’s back! if you google it there’s articles, but i didn’t know about it till it hit the mailbox of the shop. why wasn’t it a bigger news story? was it our country’s puritan prudishness? our willingness to embrace violence but not smut?

in my opinion, no…it’s just most people don’t care.

we have the internet now – titties are just a click away.

but it’s good to see the originator and the innovator come back into the smut fold. yeah, the articles are good (they really are) and the interviews are usually cool if it’s with somebody you like, but we all know what the draw was. i’ve never paid for an issue since the 90’s (still have the anna nicole ones around here somewhere – one of which had the first ever transgender nude layout, showing how forward thinking hef can be seeing as how that was over twenty years ago). they’re still classy – there’s no spread legs or penetration or anything, but it’s nice to see they realized they needed to be racier than maxim!

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