it’s amazing the difference six cubic inches can make

um…that’s what she said?

shut-up…at least one of you was thinking it.

we had a minor death in the family last week – the microwave. it did the same thing the shop one did…it still fired up and cooked fine, but the motor on the bottom that spins the turntable died so your food would cook unevenly. back to the pre-turntable microwave days where half your shits burnt to shit and half is still frozen…

…we can’t have that.

i found one on lowe’s that looked good and fit my three requirements:

1. 1100 watts or more (this one was twelve)
2. stainless steel (face, black sides – fair enough)
3. a brand i trust with reviews to back it up (LG, four outta four stars)

this hit three for three and was around $150 after you added it to your cart. i HATE that bullshit.

MSRP: $200, Add To Cart To See Our Special Price!

their “special price” was $149.99…what wasn’t so special was the wait…i could have it by april. daphuk? amazon had it in stock AND their normal price was lowe’s “special” one – but for only nine bucks more we could biggie size to the two cubic foot model over the foot and a half version. it’s like when up-sizing a fast food combo…the price difference is so minimal, how could you go wrong?

that thing is fucking huge!

(NOTE: that’s NOT what she said)

i haven’t used it yet, but i had to pull it out and set it up just to check it out. the glass turntable is the size of a normal turntable platter. i think we can cook a turkey in it. it’s insane – but i know if we had gone smaller, and then for some reason tried to cook something to big for it, i’d be kicking myself, so we got the beast. i might have to learn proper microwave cookery!

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