talk about a good day!

so, two cool things happened today…

(i figure since i typically bitch when the day goes well i should share that, too!)

first off, i recently paid off a layaway xmas gift to myself:

my first “adult” watch – the battery was d.o.a., but i got a new one and went to swap it out only to discover the forums had told me the wrong kind. not a big deal, i simply went to walgreen’s and picked up the right kind (the ones the forums had mentioned could only be found online) so i re-opened the watch, undid the tiny screw (about ¼ the size of a grain of rice) and proceeded to launch it and the fork that holds down the battery to god knows where:

while we found the “fork” the screw was gone for good. out of fear of losing the fork again, i set the battery in place, set the fork in place, and gently put the back of the watch back on to hold the fork in place. we looked for the screw for another twenty minutes or so to no avail. when i bought the watch the guys i got it from (my favorite pawn shop) gave me a card for a watch place in a swanky part of austin that does battery changes for five bucks. i called them and they said they’d do the screw for free if i brought in the card, so i did that yesterday and not only got the screw for free but also got schooled on how to reset the stopwatch AND how to put the fork in since i’d done it upside down. i was also told to hold onto the card for the next time i needed a battery…a great way to close out the austin part of my day.

the day wasn’t that bad, though – i only had one shop to run to, and while i was there this happened:

and to think – my calves were ink free on my sister’s birthday in december (12/12) and now…well…a bit different. and calves aren’t nearly as bad as shane made ’em out to be…

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