one last 2016 teeth kick

here’s one good thing about 2016…

…if your third brake light didn’t work, you still passed inspection in texas.

in 2017? not so much…

…which sucks. i fixed my emergency brake, which was the previous issue with it passing a couple weeks ago. but, apparently, they check lights AFTER the brake thing, so mine didn’t make it far enough to fail for that. since i fixed my brake, today it failed for the light.

and here’s the problem – i knew about that, i just didn’t think you needed it. thirty days ago, you DIDN’T. but now you do.

sucks to be me.

last summer i used brexit to get me some LED tail lights on the cheap. the problem was i re-did the third brake light only to find it LIT when i walked out to my car that night, even though i wasn’t in the car and the car was just locked and parked. NOT cool. explains why the third brake light had been dead since i got the car – it just burned out. and it’s not just a bulb – it’s an all in one light, so you have to replace the whole thing. i did, and it was lit up…i thought it was a short in the (USED) LED light i’d bought so i sent it back, smoke-sprayed the old red light, and we were good…until i tried to get inspected today. so now i have yet another car project i need to get to (another light has been ordered). let the games begin!

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