that moment panic almost set in

i had an odd experience the other day in the gold’s gym locker room…

(you already know this is gonna be good, don’t ya?

i never played team sports in high school. as a result, i’m not uncomfortable in a locker room per say…lord knows i’ve been going to the gym long enough. but it’s not my perfect “comfort zone” either. and the other day crossed a line a bit.

i was done with a workout and on my way to meet friends for lunch. i walked in the locker room, kinda with my head down, looking at a tattoo that was healing to make sure it didn’t get all wonky while i was working out. as i rounded a corner i saw somebody bent over in just a button up dress shirt and underwear – and the latter was lace trimmed.

i think we can all agree that once people get to a certain size in this position an instant gender call can be tough, and the lace factor had me wondering if i’d gone in the wrong spot. i backed up quickly as to not be seen and looked down the other row of lockers to see two college-aged guys chatting. i looked through the glass doors in front of me that led to the bathroom part and saw urinals. so i knew i was in the right place…i walked back around to where my locker was and lacy boy had turned around so i could see it was a guy, but he was still pantsless and had some of the lace peeking out. but now there was a trump-ish power tie and a state of texas seal tie tack…

…i think he was some kind of official!

and now i know his secret…wonder if this will play out to my favor at some point?

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