better late than never, but it’s not late

so, yesterday i did a bit about how it was getting tough trying to narrow down trump atrocities to write about…

…on this site it’s hard to write a sunday sixer WITHOUT bringing the commander in tweet up. but i’m gonna try.

six 2017 goals i can accomplish if trump stays out of my way

1. the usual weight: 220 (or south of it) by junteenth. 237.2 this morning. let’s think hopeful thoughts.

2. go topless for spring break – i need to get the e-brake going to pass inspection, and fix the oil leak. the top i gotta go somewhere – but damn it, i gotta go somewhere.

3. get me some trim – one of the home improvements i’ve never done, but wanna learn, is the trim around my roof. then get somebody to fix leaks, so when i rains i can sit on the porch, smoke a cigar, and enjoy it – not be on bucket patrol!

4. drop a beat – the office needs to get did first, but i want the studio up and running by xmas. that’s almost a year. i’d say that’s way realistic, but i’ve been shooting for this a while. that being said, it took me a year before i started the gallery hall, and that came out pretty dope.

5. permanent hosiery – i’ve started on calf tattooing, and it’s getting colorful fast. i kinda wanna see if we can fill it by 2018 kickin’ in. i’ve got a good idea for the next one already…

and finally…

6. i claim this land… – in addition to the studio and office coming back on line in 2017, i’d also like to learn how to do a fence. i’ve never done one, and i need to start with the side yards as things b crumbling around these here parts. i feel like i can do it easily once the posts are in place, so i guess i’ll be teaching myself as i go!

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