flashback friday – tattoo shop edition

so, since our president keeps focusing on the crowd he (didn’t) have and everybody keeps bringing up 2009…

…i figured i’d do the same:

tuesday tatt bit
January 27, 2009 sean M 1 Comment

so way back when there was this douche that worked at harold’s place…

…an okay guy in a way or two, but a douche none the less. he had this portfolio where he showed, on one occasion, where he’d given a guy a pitbull tattoo – and then with a closer pic showed how the head of the pup, and the veiny neck of it straining against the leash, was in fact a cock. the caption below it?

don’t piss off your tattoo artist

another guy came in with half a leg full of tribal he wanted touched up – and we could tell (but apparently he’d never noticed) that all the negative space was several dozen cock and balls – EVERY bit of negative space (I.E. the flesh part between the black) was all phallic. he touched it up, changing it all to where he was no longer a walking freudian field day. why do i bring this up? ’cause of a pic kramer sent me…

now my question – does she know her ginormous butterfly is two chicks licking the same cock? and if she did this on purpose then what the fuck is this girl’s number?

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  • Shane Jan 27, 2017 @ 23:05

    Back in the Sharp Things days, the guys at the shop were bored and wondered if a free tattoo were offered, would someone take it? The ink would be decided by the artist and the person getting it would only have the option of “to ink, or not to ink”. The artist came up with a design, the target accepted it and it was given the “If he is stupid enough to want it, do it!” stamp by the ownership…Dude wound up with a tribal cock and balls on the back of his neck.

    Moral of the story? Proof any ink you get and tattoo artists can be cunts too!

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