stop putting folks where they ain’t supposed to be!

how many folks knew 2pac performed at coachella in 2012?


there’s he & snoop – america’s most wanted! odd thing is, snoop’s still alive in this pic. but 2pac died SIXTEEN FUCKING YEARS prior. it’s a hologram. why? because they could. but should they have? i’d say no…it’s creepy. let the dead rest in peace. i never got to see nirvana live. or michael jackson. or prince. but i can live with that – i don’t need to see the binary version with an mp4 track.

it’s like rogue one. if you haven’t seen it, i’m gonna spoil a couple things here, so you’ve been warned. there’s a few scenes with grand moff tarkin, played in the original by peter cushing. i saw that and thought to myself, “holy fuck – he hasn’t aged in years!” and in truth, he hasn’t aged…since 1994…when he died!

and it wasn’t a hologram this time – they actually utilized another actor for the performance, then digitally morphed him into cushing so tarkin could stay just as evil as he ever was. legal? kinda – the u.k., where cushing lived, has no law about you not being able to use somebody’s likeness for profit after they died. here in our extremely litigious united states the year range on that varies from none at all (i.e. the day after somebody dies their likeness is fair game) to it being sacred in perpetuity (which is only in tennessee, and you can thank the presley family for that one).

my opinion? let sleeping corpses lie…and i won’t spoil the other rogue one re-appear…

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