the thin green line?

sue me, i like green apples more than red apples…

…there – that explains the title for most of you.

the conspiracy theorist websites and right-wing nut jobs were all up in arms yesterday stating that apple had removed the “breitbart” app, an app put out by conservative news source “breitbart” in an effort to “promote censorship” and turn its back on “truth journalism”.

but then, as mysteriously as it disappeared, it reappeared, and is back in the app store as of this writing. nobody from apple has commented officially (at least that i could find) but i’m sure said crackpots will feel “their voices were heard” and apple put it back due to the “public outrage”.

let’s address a few things i put in quotes above.

sadly, “truth journalism” has become a thing of the past. it used to be (and i’m not taking it back that far – my journalism degree is from 1995) that facts were reported (in the normal sense of the word, not the newt sense) and the opinions on said topics were left for the reader to decide. but somewhere along the line my former craft lost its way, and now facts are skewed and twisted and contorted to lean towards the right or left and neutrality is all but a thing of the past. most media, if not purely conservative, is referred to as the “liberal media” or some version thereof, occasionally with the word “jew” thrown in, while the conservative folk like limbaugh and jones are looked at as being unbiased and accurate. at least from the right. oddly enough i’ve never heard by less conservative friends (of which i have many) call the wall street journal or new york times “liberal media”, it’s just media. and the others are dismissed and crackpots or extremists, viewed as less journalists and more “right wing propaganda”.

at the end of the day, as said by a great man once, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. sadly, the way our world is today, your either gonna piss off the right or the left of both if you refuse to side. neutrality and unbiased views have no place in the modern reporting game. pick a side and slant like hell.

what a lot of people forget is apple is a PRIVATE entity. sure, they may have stockholders and a board but they aren’t a utility and don’t owe anybody, save for the aforementioned people with some financial skin in the game, shit. they’re not a utility. your tax dollars did NOT pay for them. and while you might have used your tax refund to buy your pretty gold iphone it’s still a private purchase and if they choose to stop carrying an app because they lean to the left and it leans to the right they have the right to do so. in reality, you’re censoring apple’s corporate culture and views and rights to express themselves as a company by demanding they keep apps that cover all news perspectives. if they remove the app, you can still hit the content via their website. and if that extra little step is a problem, buy a fucking android and shut the fuck up…unless you’re still holding a grudge against samsung and all the japanese companies because they bombed pearl harbor.

if that’s the case, seek counseling…

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