(not in the) black friday

so, today it happened…

…and hopefully for the last time!

a black friday purchase hit that i didn’t expect to yet and so the chase balance (yeah, i stuck with them – wasn’t worth the hassle to move) hit the red. woke up to text messages.

the bad news? wasn’t just below my warning balance – it was negative

the good news? all was still “pending” so a quick cash deposit fixed it sans fees

made a morning of it and hit a nearby gold’s gym as well. i think i even padded enough to protect against a round two on this. but it’s there, it’s done, and we’ll see where things go from here. the down side to doing all my online shit through chase is i have to run somewhere OUTSIDE of lockhart to make deposits. if i had worked tonight it woulda been a no brainer – one parking lot over from my normal friday workout spot is a chase atm. easy breezy. but tonight’s metalachi at stubb’s, and the ufc and i had plans (which have since changed due to her not feeling well, but i already lost money not going to work AND have harold and nate et al meeting me there so i guess i’m scalping her ticket in a couple hours) so i just rolled in this morning. i’ve ALMOST switched to randolph brooks since they’re here in lockhart as well, but i know where all the chase atm’s are so that’s still the plan…for now.

we’ll see what 2017 brings – but for now? it’s time for a mariachi heavy metal cover band! aaaaaaaaiiiiiii-hiiii-hiii-hiiiiiii!

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