nothing day

i always wonder about days that are TOTALLY full and yet i feel like nothing got really accomplished…

…that was today.

got the kiddo to school and the garbage out. came to austin and grabbed what i needed from the shop then took my car to the garage, where i sat for two hours so they could accomplish…nothing. they stopped short to put everything back together so i could rush down south to meet a guy for a job that forgot he was supposed to meet me. then when he DID show up (a half hour after i called him, which was ten minutes after the start of said meeting) he kept checking his watch and said he “had errands to run”.

we’ll see how his career goes with us.

because he was late i had to skip the gym, and then the ufc wasn’t feeling well so we skipped our plans for the gym as well so no workout got done. we just ran some errands, had a chilled out dinner, and came home. it really was a “do-nothing” day in so many ways but still wiped out my energy completely…

…shit, am i getting that old?

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