tuesday two wheel (plus two more?) bit

i was gonna do a “tuesday twofer” bit (partially to make up for only doing half a sixer on sunday) but i’ve been trying to remember what the other half was since 3:00pm or so and it’s almost 9:30 so i decided to admit defeat and go with the half i CAN remember since it happened today…


today i got cut off on my way to get a tire fixed by a much lower-tech more hillbilly-rigged version of the above. i had to idea you could get training wheels for a motorcycle. the one this morning didn’t look professionally made like the above (it was welded together square black tubing with what appeared to be trailer tires and wheels attached.

before kramer jumps to his defense i didn’t mean THIS kinda trailer:


and certainly not this kinda trailer:


but more like this:


…so relax, kramer!

i’m not a motorcycle guy. i’ve always kinda WANTED to be. but before dell, i never had a job that afforded me the kind of extra cash to buy such a luxury purchase (no way in hell i could use one as my primary transportation the way texas summers are!!)…and then while i was at dell i had somebody spending my money for me, and now i don’t have the money for such luxury items PLUS i have a wife that, as cool as she is, ain’t really keen on the idea of me owning one. but even if i DID need to learn to ride i don’t think i’d go the training wheels route. i never even had those on my first bicycle (“he’ll fall a couple of times, it’ll hurt like hell, and he’ll learn he probably shouldn’t fall any more” – dr. mccauley, the person that gave me my first bike ever, which never had training wheels). and this guy USED ’em – he had luggage on the steel frames connecting the third and fourth wheels, so i don’t think they’re temporary. so in case you think a motorcycle makes you look like a bad ass, think of THAT guy…i really regret not getting a pic, but the state trooper in the lane next to me at the time probably wouldn’t have thought that was cool.

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