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if you’re hoping this bit will appeal to your more prurient interests you’re going to be disappointed…

…but at least i was up front about that.

when i was a kid, at least as far as i knew, there was just “gay” and “straight”. there were just “men” and “women”. i later learned about “bisexuality”, or being sexually attracted to both sexes. not my thing, but also not my thing to judge (i have, admittedly, said that if you’re a guy and you know what dick tastes like you’re gay, regardless of how you label yourself, but never mind that now). there were two sexes, three possible classifications, and the world ran fine that way for ages.

but now, shit has apparently changed.

not that we haven’t had transsexuals for years, but now i saw on a website i hit to research this piece that this term is no longer kosher. (yes, believe it or not, i do actually read up on topics before i ramble on about them). the site i went to went on to say that you should only use certain terms if “given permission” by somebody in “the community”.

fuck that – they’re just words. and freedom of speech crosses the lines drawn by that kinda bullshit.

it’s like the word “nigga”. i use it all the time. never in a racist way, and RARELY towards black folks. but they use it, so i use. and again, freedom of speech…

…so, there was a segment on the wonderful show shameless the other night where a gay character met a trans character and then went to a brunch where everybody introduced themselves a little TOO thoroughly. had i been there my intro, to match theirs, would be…

hi, i’m sean – heterosexual AMAB, and my pronoun is “he”…

in this case, “AMAB” stands for “Assigned Male At Birth”, and the person in the show that says it makes mention of how she was “called female” without any regard for “the future” and gripes about a gender just being “assigned”.

what the fuck?

so this is the generation that’s going to make sure we have infinite genders. THAT’s their contribution to the world? we gave them the internet and tattoos being mainstream and smartphones and they turned the simple “MALE / FEMALE” part of a job application into it’s own page. way to go!

i weep for the future…

in closing, there’s a very prophetic scene in the breakfast club where “dick” (administrator) and carl (janitor) are talking about my generation, and he says something to the effect of how it keeps him up at night that when he gets old, “those kids” (i.e. us) are going to have to take care of him. and carl replies, “or maybe they won’t”. i barely trust the current generation of gender fluid skinny jeans wearing retarded fags (who won’t say “retarded” or “fags” because “words hurt”) to get me a drink…when i get to the point i can’t take care of myself i’ll simply roll over and die.

for all who want to keep up on the latest proper trans terms they can be found here

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  • Shane Oct 30, 2016 @ 12:26

    That’s why I like the word cunt. It’s easily applied to everyone, regardless of sex.

  • sean M Nov 3, 2016 @ 15:54

    i’m a fan as well. speaking of, we should check out the san marcos hooter’s next week…

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