the great debate, part ii (a tale of two channels)

with the simpsons and family guy being two of my all time favorite shows, how can i NOT like fox?

that being said, until the other night after the clinton/trump debate i’d never watched fox news.

holy hell!

as the holder of a broadcast journalism degree and a former assistant professor who taught tv news production that just sickened me. facts? logic? it’s not welcome here! it’s what WE say it is! another network rolled tape that disproves our point? we’ll come back to that, but first let’s talk about how somebody ducked press to rehearse or could have dug up twenty year old scandal and didn’t or deleted emails. you deleted emails? fucking hitler! NOBODY should ever delete emails.

it’s pretty sad.

i flipped back and forth between fox news (who couldn’t even with a straight face say trump won the debate) and cnn, who prior to releasing their landslide poll results stated as plainly as possible that “we know our audience is a hillary audience” and “we know our viewership is predominantly democrat” so that when the numbers came out so uneven it was kinda cushioned and explained that they basically expected her to win, just not so resoundingly.

and then came newt. most of us who followed politics in the 1990’s remember this dickweed. i thought he was gone…because i don’t watch fox news. he’s still around, and one of their main “go to guys”.

“well, so and so said this”, he’d claim.
actually, newt, she was just on with one of our competitors saying she said no such thing
“well, she says that NOW, but she said it on their network during an interview”
they rolled the tape of the interview and it’s not on there
“well, she said it – that’s just how it is”

and they wouldn’t correct him.

new product from trump, inc – worn by newt and trump and most of the fox news crew:


get yours today and!

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