the great debate, part i (tweedle dumb and tweedle annoying)

for all those who watched the debate last night, lemme just put this out there…

…thirty years ago it was the fall of 1986. hillary was the first lady of arkansas. that position holds ALMOST as much power as the greeter at wal-mart. almost. she was then the first lady of the united states until january of 2001. an influential position, sure. great photo ops. but has any first lady made any REAL impact in most of our lifetimes? “just say no”? yeah, that was fucking effective. and i defy you to, sans google, quote any other first lady’s pet project. it’s cute, but it doesn’t have any pull.

no, not until hillary became a senator in 2001 did she start to wield any real power. and yet throughout the debate he kept mentioning she’d had a chance to do things for thirty years and never has. but it’s really been about half that. so he was fifteen years off. and so it went through the whole thing.

essentially, if you’re allergic to facts and reality, trump’s your guy.

he would quote people that then went on cnn and denied what he said – and produced the tapes to prove their case. not that fox news would let that stand even with proof, but that’ll be the next bit.

moving on…

trump’s supporters feel trump stomped her last night. again, if you’re allergic to facts and reality, trump’s your guy. if a fact it thrown at you simply say, “let’s get back to that, but first…” and change the subject and never return to that again. trump’s critics say last night only reinforces their greatest fears.

here’s my greatest fear – trump’s got this.

sadly, a lot of people will vote trump in just because he’s a white guy and that’s history. lest you throw down the obama card let’s not forget his mamma was white, so the status quo really only have conceded on that one. but here’s the real rub – people that like trump will vote for trump. the problem is half the country doesn’t like trump. and the real problem is that half isn’t necessarily behind hillary, either. so 50% will vote trump, but 50% will vote NOT trump – but that could be hilary, johnson, or some other party’s candidate. or they might do that ridiculous protest vote thing where they don’t vote at all to show the system who’s boss (NOT them!). that’s how bush lost in 1992 – love clinton? vote for clinton! hate clinton? vote for bush! or ross perot! or…wait…what do you mean clinton took it?


i think he’s a moron and a boob and a disgrace. but i think he has a lot more of a chance than we want him to. and that’s when my house will turn into a rental and we move to mejico…

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