take a knee, people riot…take a bullet, people quiet

the title is a great quote from d.l. hughley’s instagram (i don’t know if he wrote it) but what i DO know is if you consider the players taking a knee in poor taste that’s your right.

but if you say it’s “disrespectful” my question is “to who?”. the flag? the piece of cloth, more often than not made in a country OTHER than america that you salute before the ball game? or is it what it represents? what it represents is FREEDOM, including the freedom of expression that, oddly enough, includes this peaceful protest gesture against itchy trigger-fingered law enforcement where the gun never seems to be aimed at white people. that, folks, IS what america is about and the players expressing themselves accordingly are actually acting MORE american than the people saying it’s wrong for them to do so.

i looked in vain for a political cartoon i saw about a month ago regarding this, whereby the guy calling him “disrespectful” was ignoring the shot unarmed black guy. this one i felt fit better, so i’ll just close with this from the washington post:

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