lemme see that camera roll!

yeah, it’s another lame weekend “clean off my phone” sixer…

…but if i don’t do it, my camera roll starts to get a bit retarded. kramer’s will probably be worse since he has a secondary photo blog, but this ain’t no competition.


this was something i put on instagram. i don’t succumb to the hastagerry trend, but if i did i believe the parlance of our time would be “#currentmood”?


this was a serious gram/fb post – i designed all these shop stickers, but now they’re cracked and peeling and i can’t decide if i just keep my car looking all atomic nascar or just pick one to put up there and call it good?


i should run this on wednesday, but the bits don’t time out that way this week and, as i mentioned, i need to clean off my phone. seriously – if you’re voting for this yahoo pretend you don’t know me…


what scares me is if he can afford banners he probably gets customers. the candy guy used his hands, but his shit is free:


(don’t worry – this doesn’t count as one of the six…i just threw it in ’cause it fit and i was curious if i could direct post png files, which apparently i can if you can see the van pic. back to it…)


i’m torn all to hell on this one – i’m not sure if i should be disgusted or proud. good thing he’s no longer around so i don’t have to make that dreaded “is it ‘high five’ or ‘five across the lips’ for this guy?” decision.

and finally, since i gotta get os from the airport we’ll end with a beloved children’s character – in his off time, of course:


hey, we all gotta have a hobby – and arthur’s is whores from oaxaca. good-night, everybody!

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