phük your kids

first off, is it just me or does putting an umlaut on something (in this case “phük”) make it look like the name of an ikea product?

just me? oh well, fück it…(still nothing?!?)

i can’t stand your kids. yes, you. unless my wife is reading this, it more than likely fits. i don’t know how most parents do it…i never sired any kids, so while i love os to death i don’t have that parental paternal instinct that makes me wanna be all super supportive and caring and loving and understanding towards the wee ones…they just annoy the shit outta me.

do normal parents feel this do?

by “normal parents” i mean ones that actually birthed a kid, or at least jumped in during the infant years…i leaped in when the kid was eight, almost nine, so i’ve kinda coasted…but while he never really got on my nerves, some of his friends did. and when they got together? fuck a big sack of that!

all i know is that if punching kids in the face in public was legal it would happen more days in my life than not due to the way their parents allow them to act in public. i’m not saying don’t have a fun childhood, but don’t destroy this world we’re supposed to be helping save for you while doing so, ya know?

i guess i fit the old adage – “i hate kids, but i love my kid”?

phuk ikea

see, it totally looks right, doesn’t it?

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